Business Language Courses in Spanish, English or German

Our Business Spanish, English and German courses are geared towards students and professionals who want to communicate in a business environment. During the course you will learn a maximum of specialized business terminology, understand business dealings in the relevant target language (e.g. Latin America or Spain (Spanish),  and get an insight into the specific country economy.

Course materials include business texts and journals, in order to make sure you are able to use the expressions and structures necessary to collaborate with clients and colleagues in Spanish, English or German. You will be provided with specific business vocabulary and various handouts dealing with the economic life of today.

What do you get from LCT?

– Linguistic coaching  in real time to help you deal successfully with customers in a foreign language.

– Improved communication skills both oral and in writing, e.g. correspondence, project developments, business strategies, etc., enhancing the chances of success when implementing them.

– LCT works hand in hand with you to improve your oral competences in typical business real-like situational contexts such as:

– Telephoning
– Negotiations
– Interviews
– Meeting moderation
– Presentations
– Free speech
– Small Talk

– You will get assessment in your presentation of CVs, letters of introduction, reports, etc.

– Depending on your demands, we include topics related to particular areas of interest such as Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Journalism, and you will be using specialized authentic materials (Journals, TV programmes, Documentaries, etc.).

Each industry has its own vocabulary. This includes “task-oriented” jargon and common idioms. In order to present complex technical contents in lectures and to formulate them in discussions actively and ad hoc, the concepts need to be actively trained in professional and communicative contexts. We have extensive experience in various fields:

– Aviation
– Logistic
– Telecommunications
– Insurance
– Real Estates
– Marketing
– Engineering
– Personal
– Banking
– Graphic Design


  • Regular weekly sessions
  • Intensive courses
  • Super intensive courses
  • Crash courses
  • Specilised themes – e.g. Negotiations, Presentations, Public speaking

Our courses include:

– Level test, oral and written, before starting
– Optional exams at the end of each level
– Specialized vocabulary files
– Certificate including the amount of hours and level attained (plus grade if you passed the exam)

contact us to talk about your needs and we will be happy to tailor make your ideal course. Check our courses or book a trial session now.