Learning another language opens up new opportunities and gives you perspectives that you might never have encountered otherwise. Personal, professional, social, and economic considerations all point to the advantages of learning foreign languages.

To learn a language means more than to be able to render discrete words or sentences into a different code. In a society with an ever-increasing number of bilinguals, this must mean opportunity and potential.

At LCT, we can help you and your employees to master the language and culture of your overseas business partners.

Consultation & Needs Analysis

We start with a conversation about your business goals, your language requirements, and your current abilities in your target language.

Once we have agreed on your company goals, we will structure your course to ensure that your objectives are met. We will ensure the course includes all the specialist terminology necessary for expert communication in your sector.

Course Creation & Delivery

We know how busy you are, which is why our courses are uniquely tailored to suit your needs. No need to spend hours travelling, as our tutor always come to you. Lessons can be structured around your schedule, and, if need be, we can even conduct sessions remotely via our Online Virtual Classroom.

Course Completion

Upon completing your course, you’ll have the skills and the confidence you need to communicate with your foreign business partners, clients and colleagues.

We can provide you with a certificate detailing the course you have completed, and the level you have achieved as outlined by The Common European Framework.