How can I register for a course?

For online Coaching, choose the package that suits you best and press SING UP. You will be forwarded to a form that will include your contact information and an appointment for the first coaching.

For all other courses or if you are unsure about which course is best for you, please send us the Inquiry Form so that we can send you more information.

What happens after my registration?

Once agreed on the best course, you will receive a confirmation and payment details (you can pay by Pay Pal or Bank transfer). You will also receive a questionnaire about your learning objectives and a level test sheet. In the first lesson, we then jointly define the learning plan, on the basis of its results,  and the learning objectives to be achieved. – And off you go…

Is Language Coaching good for me?

Language coaching is suitable for all levels of speech, from beginners to advanced. It is also suitable for more independent kind of learners, interested in doing more work by themselves and who only need occasional support and feedback. Coaching is also recommended for people who can not attend courses at regular times. More information can be found on the online coaching page or simply call us.

Do I need special equipment for Online Coaching?

You need a computer with internet access as well as a headphone and microphone.

How can I learn what level of language I am?

The Common European Framework of Reference (GER) for Languages describes the various levels from the beginner A1 to the competent C2. From the description of the steps, you can easily make an initial assessment yourself. For more information, continue reading