Available in Spanish, English or German. Intensive on-site Training courses can be organized for individuals or groups.

Intensive courses are designed to improve your Target language skills for general or business use. These classes cover all levels, from complete beginner to proficient user. Our proven methods ensure that you start at the most appropriate level and enable you to advance quickly. Our objective for students is to learn the language and to use it with confidence. Various learning practices (oral and written expression, listening comprehension, audio and video materials, text reading, etc.) and focus on interactive communication will advance your improvement. You will not only learn the language effectively, but gain knowledge on the social, cultural and political life surrounding it.

Duration: One full week (30 to 40 hours) to complete one level, which can be distributed over two weeks.

Requirement: We will agree on the level to start after an initial personal interview and  placement test.


– Level test, oral and written, before starting
– Optional exams at the end of each level and at the end of your stay
– Certificate including the amount of hours and level attained (plus grade if you passed the exam)
– Access to online activities for further practice (for Spanish students)