One on one

For rapid and solid results

One-on-one classes give you the possibility to follow a course that is entirely tailored to you. You will learn Spanish, English or German quickly and thoroughly. You will work on communicating in a foreign language in practical situations. Each participant’s language course focuses entirely on their own individual needs and learning style.

You can specify your objectives, the length and the timing of the classes and we will design the classes specifically to your particular needs and learning style. You will make fast progress with individual classes, at any level. Individual lessons are especially useful if you want to quickly improve your general language skills, focus on one particular area of the language or specialise in one field. We can help you prepare for many professional areas and develop key comprehension and expression skills.

Why is it so effective?

– Prior to the course a detailed Needs Analysis will be carried out in order to assess your training requirements and current level of the language.

– The learning process begins with a Pre-Course Task, enabling you to focus on the language before your course begins.

– Realistic objectives for your Business English are set at the beginning of the course and progress towards them is continually reviewed.

– You will be fully engaged in learning the language through a variety of activities, including case studies, role-plays, simulation and grammar exercises.

– We encourage you to bring authentic materials to make your course as relevant to your professional life as possible.

– A Post-Course Task will help you to consolidate the General and Professional Language you have learned.

– A final Course Report gives clear details of progress made and recommendations for further study.

– LCT’s Individual Programmes (for Private and Business customers) maximise your potential to learn. They not only prepare you before your course but also help you to develop strategies for continued learning after your course.

Need help to choose the best way to learn?