Key Flexible Language Training Courses

We come to you to deliver the course or seminar you need. Whether a one-on-one or group training, weekly or intensive course, we deliver flexible training sessions based on your needs and time requirements.

All our classes are taught entirely in the Target Language, unless agreed,  and have been prepared specifically for foreign students. This unique methodology of teaching a second language assures that you will progress quickly. Classes begin throughout the year. You choose the length of the course that best fits you. Simply contact us by mail or phone and complete the online reservation form. We also provide a series of customized learning programs for  business executives and diplomats. Please consult us for details.

Location: We come to your site to deliver the course (one-on-one or groups). We can  also provide venues for workshops on request. Some of the on-site Training we offer include:

Regular Semester Training (once or twice a week with a duration of 1.5 to 2h per session)
Intensive Training – to acquire rapid fluency – Duration Min 30 to 40 hours (2 weeks) to complete 1 level. Minimum: 20 hours (1 week)
Super Intensive Training – Duration Min.: 30 hours (6 hours/day, 5 days)
One-on-one classes –  to follow a course that is entirely tailored to you -Duration to be determined individually
Crash course –  to provide you with sufficient language skills to get around in town and to handle various types of situations. Duration 30 hours (6 hours/day, 5 days).

Our Flexible Weekly Language Courses for Business or General Language will provide you with a sense of achievement after only a few weeks.

Our courses are designed to give you the skills you need to communicate with your colleagues in the language of your choice. At LCT we understand that putting a new language into practice can be daunting, but by learning gradually with our weekly language courses, your confidence will grow as your knowledge of the language improves.

Why choose LCT?

  • Flexible Learning

Whichever language you need to learn, you can choose to do so with one-to-one training, or in a group with your colleagues.

  • Times and Locations to Suit You

We know that you are busy, so we come to your company premises. We can also provide training at any time of day, remotely via our Virtual Classroom (Webex) or even at the weekend. With one-to-one training you can change the time and day of your lesson from week to week to fit in with your changing work commitments.

  • Tailored Content

Your Flexible Weekly Language Course will be structured to include the content you really need, such as industry-specific terminology.

  • Free Consultation

We’ll discuss your current level of the language you need to learn, as well as your objectives, so that we can provide exactly the training you need.