Do you want to work with Spanish business partners successfully, which requires advanced language skills (+B1), a trained economic vocabulary and empathetic understanding of the Spanish and South American business practices? Do you want to succeed with your degree, so besides factual knowledge, you want to master the relevant cultural competence and communication skills necessary for success in the business world? The “balance” has to be right. Highly qualified experts achieve faster and better results than cumbersome translations.

Each industry has its own vocabulary. This includes “task-oriented” jargon and common idioms. In order to present complex technical contents in lectures and to formulate them in discussions actively and ad hoc, the concepts need to be actively trained in professional and communicative contexts. We have extensive experience in various fields:

– Aviation
– Logistic
– Telecommunications
– Insurance
– Real Estates
– Marketing
– Engineering
– Personal
– Banking
– Graphic Design

Communication in real-like situations

Almost as important as the subject vocabulary is the mastery of typical business situations, considering as well the cultural components. Therefore, we also train in situational communication such as:

– Telephoning
– Meeting moderation
– Presentations
– Free speech
–  Small Talk

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